Top Taste
Our Passion is all about Creating Culinary Excellence
Top Taste is a leading Saudi provider of distinctive catering products and services.

We are thrilled to serve our clients with the highest-quality food products and services.

Our objective is to deliver a high and consistent quality product with a 100% customer’s satisfaction and a better service everyday

We believe that our clients choose our products and services primarily on the basis of the combination of the operation and management excellence, convenience and customizable services that fits defined budgets.

Our market research studies showed that there was a need for high quality, healthy tasty food products and services. Early in 2008, Top Taste was established in the north of Riyadh, to elevate the best value of our high-end products and services leading to our clients’ satisfaction. Consequently, in 2010 we have expanded our services to Jeddah, with the aim to expand to the rest of the KSA.
We strive to be the most successful evolving Saudi catering company, that manages and provides superiorly customized, prepared and presented culinary arts with unparalleled client experience.
To manage our client’s customized experience by enriching their emotional and imaginary food journey using all five senses. We provide food solutions to assist food service providers in serving their customers by listening to our clients and providing added value products and services in the KSA.
Team – Agility
Our primary goal for our chefs is to strengthen the culinary capabilities that Top Taste brings to our clients. Our team focuses on driving the culinary art to exceeds our clients’ expectations and fits any defined budget.

The key element to increasing customer responsiveness is through Top Taste’s human resources. Top Taste learning culture creates opportunities of building an accumulative learning and motivating culture that the company can build on to create loyal employees who would further create and sustain a loyal client base.

We believe in the real involvement of our employees who could not only express their opinions but also share the success as partners with the company.

Our Products and Services