The Top Start: It all started with a clear vision; one that recognized a market need for top quality food products that are truly healthy and palate-pleasing. These products had to set the standards, satisfy expectations, stimulate smiles, and stand out in every way possible. The next obvious step was to create a company that specializes in providing such culinary delights, one that could turn this vision into a tangible reality. That’s when Top Taste was founded. Established in February 2008 in Northern Riyadh, Top Taste is a trendy, dynamic company with an entrepreneurial spirit. As the name suggests, we take great pride in delivering top-taste food items and delights to the Saudi market, while matching the highest quality and health standards. In response to the growing market demand, we have expanded our operations by opening our Jeddah company branch in 2010, and we plan to expand further in the near future.


Top Mission: By listening to our customers’ needs, working hard to exceed expectations, and dedicating all our efforts to provide exceptional value, we specialize in supplying organizations and retailers throughout Saudi Arabia with a range of exclusive top-quality food items and customized orders, in addition to food catering for large and small events.


Top Values:
Trust and respect: By building and sustaining respectful and trustworthy relationships with all our employees, suppliers, customers, and shareholders.
Transparency and integrity: By conducting all our actions and transactions with utmost transparency and integrity.
Teamwork and positivity: By providing a positive working environment that enables employees to work as one coherent unit for achieving optimum results.
Top quality standards: By ensuring that all our processes – including production, packaging, and delivery – match the highest quality standards.
Total accountability: By accepting responsibility for all our actions, keeping our word, focusing on solutions, and taking initiatives to make things happen.
True commitment socially and environmentally: By being active members in society, contributors to the community within which we work and live, and by ensuring that all our production processes and actions are eco-friendly.


Top Vision: In addition to expanding our market reach in the region, we aim to become Saudi Arabia’s unparalleled leader in the production of customized and specialty food items by fulfilling the highest standards for quality, consistency, product assortments, reliability, valueadded support services, and integrity in our business and personal relationships.