We are flexible and innovative in the food items we produce. We use our culinary expertise to create nutritious, tasty foods from a wide variety of fresh ingredients, and make sure they’re kept safe and sound in convenient pack formats.


Sandwiches: We offer more than 50 varieties of customizable sandwiches including Mediterranean, American, and delis, all prepared with 100% natural and healthy ingredients and fillings, and with the finest range of fresh-oven breads.


Salads: Whether they’re simple, complex, or exotic, our salads are home to the freshest and healthiest ingredients, and are accompanied with equally fresh, delicious, and customizable dressings.


Croissants: In addition to offering the common French croissant using a special recipe that guarantees lightness and fluffiness, we bake a range of distinctly flavored croissants with light, rich, or gourmet fillings.


Pastries: Our line of pastries covers a wide spectrum of appetizing sweet and salty items, including diverse assortments of canapés and delicacies specially made for different events and occasions.


Cakes: Broad selections of delicious contemporary cakes, baked to perfection, are products of our culinary artists’ constantly revived imagination, efforts, and techniques. After all, they’re experts at baking what pleases the palates.