With the increasingly growing nature of our business, and a fast changing consumer market, we ensure staying a few steps ahead by devising acute shortterm and long-term strategies. Our operations have been designed to supply products on a wholesale and retail basis. With our broad and diverse production and supply capabilities, we continue to stretch our reach to organizations and corporations of all sizes. When it comes to catering, we customize food items that are guaranteed to uplift any kind of event including weddings, festivals, conferences, corporate functions, and other special occasions. Through our solid vision for the future, absolute commitment to quality, and our healthy approach to growing our business, we are ready to continue to deliver reliable, consistent growth.



Top Development & Innovation: Our growth capabilities are founded on constant research, development, and innovation in the field of food production and catering, enabling us to expand our current customer base and tap into new market segments. Through listening to the needs of our customers and consumers, researching consumer trends and market developments, investigating the latest production and packaging technologies, and developing new food items specific to our targeted market, we are constantly able to respond with fresh, new ideas that match the market’s expectations on every level. Our research and development efforts continue to be guided by the most important element: consumer insights.


Top Quality Control: We adhere to the highest food safety standards and prevention-based quality programs in all our manufacturing processes and products, starting with our choice of ingredients – the freshest and finest items. Strict sanitation requirements are applied to our operational procedures, technology, and tools. Our food safety and quality assurance focus ensures that all products undergo planned and systematic procedures that allow us to guarantee the quality, safety, and consistency demanded and expected by our customers. As a manifestation of top-quality commitment, Top Taste has received the 2013 Quality Platinum Award, and will receive HACCP certification within the coming year.